6 Steps to Align your Automation Strategies with the Buyers Journey

Marketing automation has earned itself a permanent seat at the marketers strategy table, offering benefits  like time savings, scalability and better measurement of ROI. All successful companies utilize some form of automation in their day-today practice, but for it to be truly effective they also need to make sure it lines up with one of the most critical components for true growth and success: the customer journey. Making sure your marketing automation strategies support your customers buying journey is key to getting the right automated content to your customers at just the right time in their decision making process. It sounds obvious, but how can you put this into practice? Here are some steps to get you started on effectively aligning your automation strategies with the buyer’s journey.

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Will has been building Marketing Technology for almost a decade. His work has been used by some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world like Amazon, Western Union and PluralSight. Will is CEO of SaaSquatch and Chair of GrowthAutomation.org.

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