Introducing The New Growth Automation Platfrom from SaaSquatch

After years of helping many great teams and organizations solve their customer acquisition problems with leading Referral marketing software, it became obvious to the team at SaaSquatch that there was a bigger issue facing small to mid size businesses in the market: customer marketing is broken.

The reality is that the vast majority of marketing tech was built for business-to-business sales efforts. They start by collecting leads, then send email after email and ultimately end when a salesperson closes the deal. The issue with this process is that it has almost no resemblance to how consumers and small business operators buy.

After hearing the same story from too many marketers we decided to get to work, and the result of months of research and hard work is finally here! Introducing the brand new Growth Automation platform from SaaSquatch. With its new suite of features, the Growth Automation platform gives marketers the tools to create powerful automated growth marketing programs in minutes, not weeks. To learn more about Growth Automation and the features of the new platform, head over to the new site!

*Read the full product announcement here.

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