The new Battleground for Marketing-led Growth

Powerful new currents are disrupting established patterns of behaviour, and consumers, including those you may have thought loyal, are considering someone else’s products more often than you realize. For CEO’s of consumer-products, banking, travel, automobiles, or wherever its easy for consumers to compare products, cracking the code of consumer behaviour should be at the top of the agenda. In the digital age, the new reality is that consumers are always shopping around, and new research shows that hooking them early is the strongest path to growth. To stay one step ahead of your customers and keep growing customer loyalty, consider this in-depth report from McKinsey & Company on the emergence and impact of consumer decision journeys (CDJs).

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Will has been building Marketing Technology for almost a decade. His work has been used by some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world like Amazon, Western Union and PluralSight. Will is CEO of SaaSquatch and Chair of

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