From Marketers to Button Pushers and Back Again

For today’s working generation, quickly adapting to new technology is practically built into our DNA. The rapid pace of advancement and innovation has greatly affected almost every industry, and this couldn’t be more true for marketers. With over 800 different pieces of software, platforms and applications in the market, the role of professional marketers has shifted to managing technologies, prioritizing likes over creativity and hand holding customers through their buying journey. So how do we break the menial ‘create and monitor’ cycle for marketers that technology has influenced in recent decades? Ironically, these latest marketing automation technology trends might just be the answer.

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About the Author

Will has been building Marketing Technology for almost a decade. His work has been used by some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world like Amazon, Western Union and PluralSight. Will is CEO of SaaSquatch and Chair of

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