The Death of the Sales Funnel and Levelling up Attribution

With the average consumer owning up to 7 devices, and using 3 of those each day, it’s safe to say that the path to purchase has changed for good. The traditional sales funnel is quickly becoming a thing of the past as consumers roam the open-world and create their own personalized non-linear customer journey. As our understanding of consumer behaviour evolves, so too must our perspective on what constitutes marketing success and how we view the purpose of attribution. Marketers need to learn the importance of embracing new data sets, understand the new rules of multi-touchpoint engagement, and how a shift in the way we view attribution will be key for strategic marketing decisions.

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Will has been building Marketing Technology for almost a decade. His work has been used by some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world like Amazon, Western Union and PluralSight. Will is CEO of SaaSquatch and Chair of

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