Are you competing against yourself for your own customers?

A surprising new finding has emerged on the marketing front, especially for organizations in the telecom, financial services, and CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry. Companies in these verticals have begun to realize that, too often their multiple product marketing teams have all been paying to reach the same customer. This not only creates inefficiencies as far as redundant or decentralized expertise and talent, but it leads to bidding up media for the same target customer, therefore increasing overall costs. Fortunately, with the help of CRM and DMP (data management platform) technologies that establish a 360-degree view of customers, organizations are learning how to prioritize their marketing spend as they accumulate knowledge of the customer. If your organization operates in these verticals, or deals with this same issue, consider these insights for managing shared customer marketing to cut inefficiencies and put the customer back in first place.

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