9 Trends that will define marketing this year

After a few rude awakenings in 2017, there is pressure on marketing professionals to not only fix, but improve the current “murky digital media landscape”. Last year, marketers took necessary inventory on the myriad of issues harming their industry, and as a result, 2018 will be the year of ‘cleanup’. With this cleanup comes a need for more polished strategies throughout the new year, guided by a demand for high-quality experiences that are delivered on both a global and local scale, and that leverage new technologies and data to offer true personalization. Companies that fail to take the next step and deliver better experiences could result in consequences, with Forrester Research forecasting a loss of growth as the customer experience declines for 30% of businesses in 2018. To help battle the wave of changes expected for many CMO’s, note these top trends that are predicted to define and guide marketing efforts in the coming months.

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